Why Vaginas are Awesome

Rilla suggested this as a bournal post topic, and I think it’s time to take her up on it.

There are many reasons why vaginas are awesome, but first, let’s get some things straight, shall we?

The entirety of a woman’s genitalia is not a vagina. The vagina is a very specific *part* of the female anatomy. The outside of a woman’s genitals are comprised of: the labia majora (they are the bits, usually the bits that have hair, that are really smooshy and look like the outer petals of a flower. Um. An hairy flower), the labia minora (these are the ‘inner lips’ or petals that are folded in under the labia majora, and which protect the clitoris, the urethra, and the vagina), the external part of the clitoris (often covered heavily by the clitoral hood; the clitoris is one of the parts that it’s *really important* to find, because near as anyone can figure, its sole purpose is to make intercourse pleasurable), the urethral opening, and the vaginal opening.

The vagina itself is internal. At the end of the vagina is the cervix, which feels a bit like the end of your nose. The cervix is the last stopping point before the uterus, and on to points fallopian and ovarian.

The vagina is ribbed for your pleasure, and is very, very stretchy. While it’s pretty impressive that the cervix dilates and effaces enough during labour and delivery to allow an entire human being through, the vagina doesn’t change at all! It just kind of schlorps open and then schlorps back closed again. This is because the vaginal walls are covered by transversely arranged muscles. STRETCHY!!!

There are also special ducts in the walls of the vagina that provide slippery girl juice. Otherwise known as LUBRICATION. While vaginas are moist all the time (unless there are Hormone Issues, or in some post-menopausal women, vaginal dryness is an Issue), during sexual arousal, the Bartholin’s glands near the opening of the vagina and at the cervix release sex goo.

ALSO, in addition to being stretchy and ribbed for your pleasure and juicy, vaginas are also warm and squeezy. During a woman’s orgasm, the walls of the vagina flutter and the muscles contract, and I have it on fairly good authority that that is a Very Good Thing. Unless you’re not in the room; then it probably makes No Difference. 

So, to recap:

Vaginas are warm, squeezy, juicy places that are ribbed for your pleasure and which can miraculously stretch out large enough for a human being to pass through, yet return to roughly their original size. THAT’S AMAZING!!!







4 responses to “Why Vaginas are Awesome”

  1. rilla Avatar

    Woot! This is exactly what I needed to read during an eff’ing blizzard in April!

    P.S. C.C. strikes again!

  2. Mrgd2u Avatar

    I second the motion! They have always been my favorite place to visit. (To hell with Disneyland…)

  3. HaliDoula Avatar

    Love it!!!!! Big fan of the vagina, big fan of the bournal.

  4. Neo Avatar

    A very in-depth explanation. Thanks :P

    Also, among my very favorite places ever.

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