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  • Wrong Universe – NaBloPoMo Day 8

    My mum was a brilliant woman. So was my grandmother. So is my aunt. So is my other aunt. It’s pretty cool the amount of brain power all the wymmyns be bringin’ all up in this family. I used to sit on the corner of mum’s bed and watch her put on “her face” in […]

  • Eighty Men Died Trying to End That Spree

    It seems like the only time we really have is time that’s under pressure from five different directions. We were at the rink Thursday, Friday, twice on Saturday, and yesterday. We’ll be at the rink again tonight, tomorrow night, Friday, and Sunday nights. It’s the nearing-the-end-of-the-regular-season crunch to get all our games in. And then […]

  • Just an earthbound misfit

    Just a wee preview, then. No long-winded stories about Canadian pilots. No jibber-jabber about aeroplanes. Just this: The skellington of the Nieuport 17, covered in tissue paper, shrunk and strengthened. Tomorrow is Painting Day.

  • Taking an Aeroplane Across the World

    I have been peeling glue from my fingers for a week. This, too, is strangely cathartic. Insert long-winded, slightly purple prose about shedding the old skin and leaving troubles behind, blah-blah-blah. In reality, there are little fingerprint flakes all over my favourite spot on the chesterfield. Don’t tell His Nibs. The Captain and I cut […]

  • I don’t need no arms around me

    It occurred to me that in putting together this aeroplane methodically, piece by piece, painstakingly gluing one tiny piece of balsa wood to the next, that this has become my therapy. It wasn’t a huge revelation. I didn’t fly through the streets of the greater metropolitan valley centre area shouting that I’d discovered the next […]

  • Take these broken wings and learn to fly

    This is a balsa and tissue paper model of the Nieuport 17 aeroplane flown by Billy Bishop during WWI. Well. Technically, this is the completed fuselage of said aeroplane. In the top left corner of this photograph are the parts for a Sopwith Camel, which Bishop also flew, although only a handful of times. The […]

  • Deep Throat

    Just a brief note today, my love. The downside of eating regularly and relatively well is that when one has to skip meals, one is devastatingly hungry. The reason for the meal skipping in a moment. It’s been no secret over the last decade that I’ve been struggling to be healthier. I’ve been struggling to […]

  • Be Strong

    Dear Princess Kate Middleton: Let me open this missive by saying I don’t actually give much of a rat’s arse about the social and class structure to which you now belong, and I give even less of a rat’s arse about the family you married in to. I mean, it’s not your husband’s fault that […]

  • Walking on Broken Dimes

    Only two, possibly three of you will get why that title is funny. Or rather, will remember knowing why that title is funny. Anyway, this sounds terrible, but I don’t remember which of my many amazing male friends was with me last night. Well. I remember two of them, but they showed up later in […]

  • Why Vaginas are Awesome

    Rilla suggested this as a bournal post topic, and I think it’s time to take her up on it. There are many reasons why vaginas are awesome, but first, let’s get some things straight, shall we? The entirety of a woman’s genitalia is not a vagina. The vagina is a very specific *part* of the […]