cenobyte is awesome. That’s all you really need to know. Carry on. Still here? Okay. Fine. cenobyte is a writer and editor living in Saskatchewan, Canada, in the most beautiful and breathtaking valley in the world. cenobyte is fortunate to have two absolutely brilliant children who rock her world, a geriatric cat and a Bad Cat (Mungbrain the Cat), and a Wee Kitten Cat Who Thinks She’s a Dog (Miss Thing), two ridiculous little dogs (Bumblebutt and Princess Sassypants), a Very Patient husband, and an entire posse of pretty amazing friends. She lives in a Really Old house with a Really Big Yard.

cenobyte likes reading. cenobyte likes writing. She even likes editing, and pointing out places where someone else’s writing could be made even better. Glen Suitor (who is one of the sportscasters for the Canadian Football League on TSN) blocked cenobyte on Twitter when she lightheartedly corrected one of his typos! That’s success!
cenobyte has had poetry, fiction, and non-fiction published, and is among the mystical semi-mythical group of people known as “writers who’ve been paid for their work”. She is a freelance editor who has worked on gaming materials, novels, memoirs, business and government material, and student work. 

cenobyte is a huge fan of roleplaying games, live action roleplaying games (LARP), SF/fantasy/horror, poetry, puppies (PUPPIES!!!), knitting, playing music, football, rugby, and bellydance. These are all things cenobyte likes, and likes doing (well, she doesn’t “do” puppies. That’s just sick. Sicko). cenobyte writes customised biographies at request, and will also write your obituary for you; these things are always terrible to have to do at the last minute, particularly when you’re dead. If you would like a biography or an obituary written for you, please contact her (c3n0byte at gmail dot com). 

Thanks for taking the time to read All About cenobyte. Here are some pictures of cenobyte, in case you’re wondering who you’re dealing with:Jillsnewhair-shockeymum2IMG_0483IMG_0900 spider

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    1. I didn’t. Not *really*. This was a kids vs. mums game and I nearly killed a child by falling on it. I can EITHER skate OR wield a stick-based weapon. I cannot do both at the same time.

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