What Not to Wear

I’m certainly no bastion of fashion. Yet here I provide you with a handy guide for what not to wear at any age, particularly after your parents stop dressing you. This guide will apply to you regardless of your body shape, gender, ethnicity, age, ability level, or education. It’s a pretty foolproof system of mixing and matching and colour-co-ordinating. You may want to take notes. Ready?

What not to wear after age whatever: shame.

As for clothing, wear whatever the fuck you want; you’re magnificent.


3 responses to “What Not to Wear”

  1. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Avatar

    Dumped shame long ago – I’m now shameless.

    Especially since I’m spending my time trying to persuade Goodreads and Amazon reviewers to ‘try my book – you might like it.’ No shame at all.

    And now I return to trying to make the print version look like the book I always wanted to write, with the latest being an incursion for two days through faux New Yorker fonts (found a lovely free one for the single line I need!). I can’t seem to get out of the chute – when you DIY, there’s no one else to share the load. My family pat me on the head and smile.

    Hope you’re doing okay out there in the far north. Do you have snow yet?

  2. molly Avatar

    oh my dear – you are magnificent!

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      Thank you very much!

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