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  • Listen, Lady

    Listen, lady. I get that you’re super old and afraid of things like broken hips and air, but I was standing IN THE PARK, not on the sidewalk, with my dogs, who were *on leashes*. You weren’t watching where you were going. This was understandable, because the farmers’ market was on, and there are many […]



    I have to start this out with a story about self-confidence. A couple of years ago, when I first started going to the gym, I was showering after my workout at about the same time a shriek of girls were at the pool for their swimming lessons. As is the case with most change rooms, […]

  • Jargon is the death knell of business planning

    Allow me this one small dalliance into negativity. It won’t take long, and it’s about jargon. In this case, it’s specifically about business/financial jargon, but every group has its own set of nonsensical words that may have a specific meaning in their particular setting, but which become ridiculous outside of that setting. Jargon is basically […]

  • What Not to Wear

    I’m certainly no bastion of fashion. Yet here I provide you with a handy guide for what not to wear at any age, particularly after your parents stop dressing you. This guide will apply to you regardless of your body shape, gender, ethnicity, age, ability level, or education. It’s a pretty foolproof system of mixing […]

  • Treat. Seriously. Treat.

    He organised his own Hallowe’en party – invited a few friends over this afternoon, and by the time they’d gone mumming, there were 20 kids and six parents in their group. They came home together, and I plied the parents with coffee and tea and then tried to breathe deeply as the children, ranging in […]

  • A step to the right, hands on your hips, pull your knees in tight

    This workout combines the best of yoga flexibility, a little bit of cardio, and core strength workouts. You don’t even need to leave your own bedroom. In fact, you probably don’t want to. And unlike other workouts, with this one, you shower first, and it’s done before you even get into your car to head to the office.

  • Eyewear, pocketbook, wristwatch

    Before we get too far into this, I want you to go here and listen to The Faint’s Dress Code. Especially you, Meatbum. I’ll wait. I think it’s my new favourite thing ever invented. And, while you’re doing that, I’m just going to say I miss Devo. Okay. You’re back. Awesome! Dress code. Gender bias. […]

  • Post-graduate paper

    This morning, #TheTeen and I got into a bit of a tiff. Mornings are chaotic, and as much as I have really enjoyed #TheTeen’s company this summer, when school starts up again and we’re under pressure, something eventually has to give. Here’s some background, although actually, the deets aren’t all that important. In fact, the […]

  • The Guider’s Guide to Guides or, Sock DIY Tutorial

    Another thing the Internets have taught me about how to come up with ideas is that readers of blogs fully enjoy being told what to do. Which is to say, their favourite thing in the whole world is DIY sites. That means “Do It Yourself”. It could also stand for “Ducks In Yorkton“, “Dildos Instead, […]

  • Sweet Things

    Earlier this week, His Nibs and I had the privilege to witness one of his best friends get married. Afterwards, we took the children to a Brazilian steak house. I have been to one of these restaurants a few times now, and took The Captain to one when we were at GenCon. These are the […]