40 x 40

I have begin my “40 by 40” challenge. I’ve decided to write (and send by post) 40 letters; one to each of 40 individuals who email me and ask for a letter, before I turn 40 (this won’t happen for SEVERAL years, of course). Some folks have asked me to write about specific things. Some folks have just requested a letter. Either way, I’m quite excited.

I have had penpals over the years…I have always loved writing letters. Lately, I’ve chosen to write postcards. Postcards are a small commitment. With the exception of the postcard stories I sometimes send on the postcards (my recent favourite of those was the one I wrote for my Actor about the barrows), you don’t really get to say a lot on a postcard. Which is kind of the point, I suppose.

So this letter writing is both exciting and intimidating. My letter-writing skills are rusty. I have finished four letters today. I kind of like the pan-Canadian selection here…


If you’d like to be on the “40 x 40” list, send me an email at c3n0byte at gmail and let me know your postal address and whether you’d like me write about anything in particular.







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  1. Ben Avatar

    I love snail mail!

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