You should TOTALLY do this

I wish I had a vlog or podcast set up so that I could do the monster truck announcer thing for this, because that would be made of awesome. But since I don’t have those things set up yet, I’ll let you watch this while I get my notes in order:

Now that you know the kind of energy to put in to reading what is to follow, I think you’re prepared. 

The weekend of June 11 – 13, I will be hosting a Cthulhu Live LARP at the Saskatoon LARP Association convention (otherwise known as SLARPCon, which sounds like something rude you might do in a restaurant with your sweetie). I’m pimping this all over the place, because in order to assign characters, and to know how many players (and therefore how many costumes and props need to be made), I need you to sign up Pee Dee Cue. You can sign up by sending an email to [email protected] 

That’s the game’s email address, you see.

Check out the SLARPA (snicker) Forums for the game writeup. It’s…a little vague at the moment, and that’s done on purpose. Characters will be assigned; I won’t be posting a list of characters – I just need you to let me know if you’re going to be playing. There is also a limit of 20 players, and that’s a pretty hard-and-fast limit, so if you want to play, please send email to [email protected] toute suite so I can reserve a character for you. 

Okay. I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog-browsing. Cheerio and whatnot!






One response to “You should TOTALLY do this”

  1. Neo Avatar

    You’ll feel like a fighter jet made out of BICEPS!!!!

    God-berry….king of the juice!

    One of my favorite viral videos EVER!!!

    And wow, you really are pimping your LARP.

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