While that dude’s guitar does that thing

I hate that song, actually.

Anyhow, I’ve not been around lately because I’m working on a couple of things (and work is a little hectic as we’re getting ready to go to New Brunswick for the Congress of the Humanities in May). This one thing…this one thing I’m really quite excited about. There’s a LARP convention happening in ‘Toon town, and the devilishly handsome and wry gentlemen who’re organising it this year have asked MrGod2U and me to run a game there. So I have agreed. I agreed to do that in exchange for sexual favours from the above mentioned devilishly handsome and wry gentlemen.

MrGod2U and I hosted a Cthulhu Live game at the last LARP convention in ‘Toon town, and there were several people who thought it was pretty okay. Here are three pictures from that event. I guarantee they are all completely work safe and you should look at them at your desk with small children in attendance:

The 4th Draught

Now, MrGod2U and I had an awful lot of fun with that game. So we thought that perhaps we’d do another. And, lo and behold, we have come up with something.

I’m not really all that in to furious cross-posting, so what I’m going to say is that you should go to the Saskatoon LARP Association (“SLARPA”, which sounds like something that requires leeches to treat) Forums and check out the “Aerico Reception”. You can sign up for characters there, and then, and this is the best part, on the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR, you too can participate in the Cthulhu Live event!


I’m quite excited about this one also. Partly because it’s in a STEAMPUNK setting. Did I mention the STEAMPUNK setting? It’s set at the tail end of the 19th century, and technology has advanced through the Industrial revolution in great leaps and bounds. They have bioaugmentative surgery! They have Professors of Pneumatics! They have Crypto-zoologists! And airships! Airships that can traverse the Atlantic ocean!

Head Shot


You totally need to play this game. I guarantee that all players will survive the game. Apparently, according to my lawyer, I cannot make that claim.






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    ahh was worth it both games were fantastic.

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