• Museum Games

    The road to home was frightful But the whiskey was quite delightful Home we did not go Let it snow, blowing snow, blowing snow. His Nibs and I had a mini-versary last night when there were DIRE WARNINGS about the state of the highways around the city. It was all very Stephen King. “RCMP advise […]

  • Feral

    I hadn’t expected to get into a fight with Silent Winged Coyote. It just kind of happened that way. He was upset with me, though, because I kept beating him on all the games of chance. It was uncanny, really. Statistically, he ought to have won the challenge, but I rolled a six, and he […]

  • Fionnlach

    Madeline stops dead in her tracks when she opens the door. The man in the doorway is tall, strong-built, with wire-rim glasses and a shaved head. He carries a case of beer under one arm. Madeline‚Äôs mouth is still hanging open as he pushes past her into the basement suite Madeline has managed to find […]

  • This Thing Can’t Go On

    My friend PoMoAnachro is doing this Steampunk LARP. Costumes are an awful lot of fun, and if you can get enough people serious about costuming, the venue isn’t necessarily as important because the players themselves become part of the setting. Using actors as set dressing certainly isn’t new, but I’ll tell you, in the halls […]

  • I had a Very Witty Title and Forboutagot it

    For a while this morning, everything was normal. The sandy-haired gentleman sat at his kitchen table with a coffee and a bagel and seven or eight daily newspapers from all over the world. His house was silent; not even the birds outside were quite ready to greet the dawn (either it was too early or […]

  • While that dude’s guitar does that thing

    I hate that song, actually. Anyhow, I’ve not been around lately because I’m working on a couple of things (and work is a little hectic as we’re getting ready to go to New Brunswick for the Congress of the Humanities in May). This one thing…this one thing I’m really quite excited about. There’s a LARP […]

  • Not Really What Was Intended

    Last weekend, Yours Truly was in the City of Bridges for a LARP convention called SLARPA, which sounds like a dermatological fungus, but it isn’t. At least, I don’t *think* it is; I’m not a dermatologist, though, so I don’t really know. It could be. Anyway, the thing I went to was decidedly not a […]

  • We’re totally going

    Okay, so I’ve never really travelled to “typical vacation spots” and been able to play LARP, but this time was *totally* different. I don’t even know how all the coolest folks in the universe got there, but the sun had set over the warm Pacific waters, and no oil was washing up on the beaches […]