The Christmas Story

As told by Teyah T. Dog (aka “Bumblebutt”)

Once there was a woman in a kitchen and the kitchen was far from the dogs’ resting place on the chesterfield. The dogs heard the sound of crinkling and knew that the King would tell them they couldn’t have treats, so they made the long journey to the kitchen. There was a woman there who was much, much taller than a dog.

There, the woman was making something that smelled very, very good. The dogs sniffed around but there was nothing. Every time they asked for food, they were turned away. Finally they lay down like good girls.

When from upon high a shower of light and love rained down upon the ground. Cheerios from heaven dropped down around the woman’s feet and lo, it was good. Teyah T. Dog ate many of the Cheerios, but also Sadie, who is very stupid, had some. Sometimes food falls from the sky, but this was truly a Christmas Miracle.

And that, my friends, is the True Story of Christmas. As told by Teyah T. Dog.



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