That’s Badass

“So this one time, I was in a hurry, and I sliced the tip off of the end of my finger with a wood chisel. So I drive down to Dr. H’s clinic there, downtown, and I’m sitting in the waiting room and there’s this woman beside me and I hear Dr. H’s voice, and you remember, he was a hell of a nice guy. He was the guy who come running out of his house to check you over, head to foot, that time you ran into his boat when you were learning to ride your bike, you remember that? Ran into his goddamned boat.

“Anyways, old Orville, he’s behind the curtain; they took me back there when this woman showed up. So old Orville, he’s back there, and he said, ‘Oh dear. What have you done? You’ve done something to yourself again, haven’t you? You’ve cut your face with a chainsaw! Well. Isn’t that awful?’

“And I look down at my finger, and all that’s wrong with me is that I cut the end of my finger off with a wood chisel, and this bastard in the other curtain cut himself in the face with a goddamned chainsaw! What the hell was I doing there? I thought about leaving, but then I got some stitches. But Jesus. Can you imagine? Someone cut his goddamned face with a goddamned chainsaw?”

And all I’m thinking is, only in Prince Albert do you have a *walk-in clinic* where people who have CUT THEMSELVES IN THE FACE WITH A CHAINSAW are sitting next to people who have CUT OFF THE TIPS OF THEIR FINGERS WITH WOOD CHISELS! Is someone playing a banjo? Is that what that sound is?



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  1. YNWP Avatar

    Love it! Ceno’s Da is clearly a great storyteller…

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