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Roast Pineapple (image from 2.bp.blogspot.com)

Earlier this week, His Nibs and I had the privilege to witness one of his best friends get married. Afterwards, we took the children to a Brazilian steak house. I have been to one of these restaurants a few times now, and took The Captain to one when we were at GenCon.

These are the restaurants where gauchos (waiters wearing sashes) carry BBQ meat on swords around the place, and if you want their meat, you put the thingy on the green side, and if you’re finished with their meat, you put the thingy on the red side. This…sounds a lot naughtier than it really is. ANYWAY, at GenCon, The Captain and I and the Fenris Wolf went to a steak house. This is pertinent because at that dinner, The Fenris Wolf had a very sciencey explanation for why people eat pineapple in between eating all of the meat.

Of COURSE I didn’t remember that explanation, so I contacted The Fenris Wolf to ask him to re-science the explanation, which he did (fresh fruit juices begin to digest the meat before it even hits your stomach so you don’t get meatsick). So I told him about the delectable roasted pineapple with brown sugar and cinnamon we were being served.

He wanted the recipe. You can hardly blame him. Not only is he a scientist, he’s also a cookist. And he cooks WITH SCIENCE. (Contrast this with me: I cook WITH ART.)

Then the following conversation happened:


Roast Pineapple Recipe
Roast Pineapple Recipe
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