Support the arts and culture because art and culture support you

BEFORE YOU CLICK THE VIDEO: I see these things a lot in my feed: dancers or painters or singers or musicians – artists – doing something that ‘blows everyone away’ or ‘brings you to tears’ or is just generally amazing. I want you to think about something when you see these types of posts come up in your TL: this is arts & culture. The artists who perform for you in these videos, whether amateur or professional, have talent and skill and usually years and years of training.

But more importantly than that, every time you see one of these things come up in your feed, look at the language: “blows everyone away”; “amazing”; “inspiring”; “awesome”; “astonishing”; “WOW!”. You are inspired because that’s what art does. The people in the background of this video are awe-struck. That’s what art does. It puts something beautiful or amazing or colourful or inspiring into your life.

Support the arts and culture, because it’s arts and culture that support you.

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