Stuck in the Middle Again …again…

So then there was the 45 minute wait *just to check in*.

Wherein the hotel peoples did a bunch of stuff so idiotic it makes my eyeballs scratchy just thinking about. There was the ‘I need a credit card number on file for any incidental charges’ which was bloody ridiculous, and then the whole “I don’t care WHAT the airline told you – you can’t use those food vouchers for room service…” And me telling the hotel guy that since we have two children and it was eleven o’clock at night, and it would be a fine kettle of fish for us to sit in their restaurant with rangy, over-tired children…

When we got to the rooms, His Nibs called for room service (turns out we could order it, but had to pick it up, since room service apparently doesn’t get charged to the room….or something…), and he was told that the kitchen was closed, but that we were welcome to go to the lounge. The server said something about her shift being over and only being there because there were, like, a bunch of, like, PEOPLE, whose, like, PLANE was late, or something, and she couldn’t take an order because she was, like, done her shift…

“Yes,” His Nibs said. It’s a good thing he was doing the talking, because I would have actually telepathically caused the server’s prefontal cortex to liquefy. “WE are some of those people.”

“Oh, well, the lounge is open…” she said.

“Excellent. We’ll bring our five year old and our ten year old to the bar for wings, shall we?” He said.

“Oh,” she said.

A few minutes later, His Nibs went to pick up our food.

There were more little things that pissed me off, but I’d really rather not think about them too much. Because I’m not angry *now*, and I’ll be sending our ‘incidental expenses’ to the airline for them to cover, since the hotel people were arse-danglers.

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