Sometimes the best ExMass story is a good Hallowe’en story

“So I picked up this midget hitch-hiking,” he started.

You know it’s a good story when it starts like that. Particularly when it’s my Da telling it.

“Used to want to be a midget wrestler, he did. The guy thought wrestling was like that shite you see on teevee. I guess he got a big surprise there. Anyway, he gave up on that idea, and then this one time I saw the guy just by the bend in the highway just north of D-

“So I see this guy, and he’s all cut up. Half-cut -drunk, I mean- and cut to hell. Bleeding and giggling to beat all hell. I stop for him and I say, ‘Larry’ – that was his name, you know – ‘what the hell happened?’

“And the guy tells me he went to the bar in D- for some Hallowe’en party and a bunch of Indians walk in. The guy says, ‘so I sez to them, geez, you guys have the best costumes here, and they sez to me, what’re you talking about, and I sez to them well, you’re all dressed up like Indians!’ I guess they beat the midget up, but he seemed pretty happy about it.”

I love Christmas.



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    Smarty Pants

    It’s the little things….

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