Provincial Cannabis Survey

So according to a recent article in the local paper, “the majority of Saskatchewan residents” aren’t interested in trying marijuana once it becomes legal federally on 17 October. According to me, this is precisely how those surveys went:

4 responses to “Provincial Cannabis Survey”

  1. Somehow I managed to miss this entire thread on Twitter! But thank you for brightening up the horrible, wretched reels of news at the moment with something that made me snort out my coffee unattractively, much to the amusement of my colleagues.
    Sometimes I wish I still had a landline to receive this type of call.

  2. I didn’t try it back in college or grad school, though I actually had a joint once in my hand, didn’t inhale, and merely passed it on. I wasn’t about to mess with my brain cells.

    Interestingly enough, I’m actually considering the stuff now – in some non-high form – for pain. I don’t know whether I will – I still have a few brain cells left, and I value them.

    • I messed with my brain cells. Hell. Who knows. Maybe I’d have been, like, a nobel prize winning whatever-whatever by now.

      Incidentally, CBD oil is AMAZING for pain management.

      I hear.

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