On the Other Hand

In the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “tomorrow is another day”. Except I mean that in terms of thinking about yesterday. Which is to say if I’d have said it yesterday, it would have been pertaining to today, which is really what I mean. Not that tomorrow isn’t *also* another day, of course, but that I mean today. And since today is yesterday’s tomorrow, it kind of fits. If you pretend I said it yesterday.

Yesterday itself was full of a sense of impending doom. Starting the day by submitting a story just kind of began the day on a high buzz of freaking out (or, as my Actor would say, ‘infrasound’). I sent that thing away and then had a moment of frenzied terror, wondering how I could get that email back. Then my Black Pope was texting me from the highway, so I had to Worry about him for a while (and I’m kind of Worried about him anyway because he is Not Having Good Things Happen at the moment. If you have some spare good mojo, send it his way, would you?), but then I got to hear his voice, and that just made me grin all afternoon. Then I thought I’d roont an amazing friendship, by saying a bunch of things in another case of “how can I unsend that note”, but as it turns out, it’s really quite difficult to ruin amazing friendships.

And I learned that it is *extremely* difficult to feel poopy with you people around. Which is pretty awesome, when you think about it. So thanks, guys. I don’t deserve all y’all, but I’m damned glad that you’re part of my life.

Do you remember a little while ago, I mentioned getting to know someone and it being a wild ride of an experience? I talked about it here. Some of you have wondered who that was. I think I can tell you now.

But you have to promise not to laugh.

Because it’s …well, it’s weird to talk about this kind of stuff sometimes.

That person I wrote about is called Madeline Fury (yes, that’s her real name). She’s Pavee, and she’s a really interesting woman. You’d like her, I think. She’d probably infuriate you, but I think you’d like her. I met her at, of all places, a psychic fair. Or maybe it was in a pub at an outdoor concert. Do you know who else knows her?

Frigging BOB DYLAN.






4 responses to “On the Other Hand”

  1. LT Avatar

    tell me more of this psychic fair…I thought the Regina one has been defunct for a few years now. If its back, I’d like to check it out. Had some interesting experiences there that we may have to chat about over a bevvie or three :)

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      Oh, the psychic fair wasn’t in Regina, but there has been one here not too long ago. I’ll ask my psychic friends when it was and when it’s coming back.

      I totally want to hear your stories. Madeline would love them, too.

  2. Ben Avatar

    I still get amazed about how the most random and interesting people seem to come into our life.

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