Ha! Did you see what I did, there? I said “Back-a-gain”, which is a pithy take on “bakugon”, which are overpriced, cheap, ridiculously silly collectible dolls action figures based on an over-budgeted, badly-written, ridiculously silly television programme. Brilliant. You may or may not be able to tell that Yours Truly spent some time in a toy store today. Want to know why? Because Yours Truly is a mook.

“WHOA!” Yours Truly said at a television commercial. “What’s THAT?!”
“Those are Mega Beanz, Mum. You can play them and trade them and race them and everything!”
“We should get some!”
“That’s it,” His Nibs cut in at that point, “No more coffee for you. Like, ever.”

Anyhow, the short version of the hockey tournament is: Team played fantastically well, but didn’t rank well. The Captain got a Player of the Game Award. That City pisses me off to no end, and I have not even the slightest inkling of ever living there again. His Nibs agrees. My Da is awesome.

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