At the Bookshop

His Nibs: “I thought you said we could only have one book each.”

Me: “I’m picking one out for the cat.”

his Nibs: “The cat has no thumbs.” (note HN did not say ‘the cat cannot read’.)

The Captain: “Hey. I thought you said we could only get one book each.”

Me: “this is only one book.”

The Nipper: “that’s three books.”

Me: “It’s one. I’m counting in base three.”

His Nibs: “*sigh* apparently I do not count as a responsible adult to take you shopping.”

Me: “*I* think you’re lovely.”

The Captain: “Oh My Goodness. I’m leaving.”






4 responses to “At the Bookshop”

  1. Thunderhowl Avatar

    C’mon now! A set of three totally counts as one book!

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      …it was not a set of three, sadly.

  2. KayJay Avatar

    I cannot fault your logic. Also my cat actually has thumbs. I’m not sure where that puts HN’s logic.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      Hrm. Normally I’d say “in the shitter”, because that’s just a funny phrase. But I’m going to go with, “he’s right on this one” because OUR mongoloid cat has no thumbs.

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