At the Bookshop

His Nibs: “I thought you said we could only have one book each.”

Me: “I’m picking one out for the cat.”

his Nibs: “The cat has no thumbs.” (note HN did not say ‘the cat cannot read’.)

The Captain: “Hey. I thought you said we could only get one book each.”

Me: “this is only one book.”

The Nipper: “that’s three books.”

Me: “It’s one. I’m counting in base three.”

His Nibs: “*sigh* apparently I do not count as a responsible adult to take you shopping.”

Me: “*I* think you’re lovely.”

The Captain: “Oh My Goodness. I’m leaving.”

cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.


    1. Hrm. Normally I’d say “in the shitter”, because that’s just a funny phrase. But I’m going to go with, “he’s right on this one” because OUR mongoloid cat has no thumbs.

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