Amazing Stories Blog Tour

As part of the Amazing Stories Blog Team, I have completed a book review for a blog tour. The review was published today.

I’d like to point out that the first story in the collection I reviewed (called Tomorrow: Apocalyptic Short Stories from Australian publisher Kayelle Press) was penned by a friend of mine from Saskatoon who now lives in Calgary. His name is Calvin D. Jim, and his work has also appeared in another collection I happen to enjoy quite a bit. (Rigor Amortis from Edge Science Fiction Fantasy Publishing. It’s a collection of “zombie erotica”. I know, I know. You can’t picture it. It’s okay. But I love that book.)

The collection is worth a read. One thing I didn’t mention in the Amazing Stories review (because, believe it or not, it felt TOO NERDY) was that the minimal design in the ePub version was really cool.

Anyway. I could republish the review here, but I kind of like leaving it at Amazing Stories and giving you the link. Because, really, the AS website has a lot of really cool other stuff you should take a look at.






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