After all that deep deepness

Some happy merriment.

For ExMass, The Nipper received from his Papa (my Da) a remote control helicopter. It’s called “Easy Control Happy Flight”.  I shall now post for you some of the Helpful Instructions:

  • Please do not operate the helicopter in the forbidden zone.
  • Please do not operate the helicopter in the gale
  • Do not put the toy in the mouth to prevent choking hazard of small parts.
  • Do not play the helicopter in a brutal way
  • do not put the fingers into available inter-spaces
  • Keep the helicopter a certain distance from others when playing together
  • Multi-layer protection function, more safe when using!
  • Put the smaller spare parts of the helicopter beyond the reach of the children to avoid accidence.
  • Please do not put the helicopter and battery in high temperature or heated place such as fire or near electrothermal devise.
  • Please noted that the helicopter should be kept 1-2 metre away from the user or any other people in order to avoid collision to the people and cause injury.
  • Please don’t disassemble or modify this product. Otherwise it may cause breakdown of the product or even cause danger.
  • If the helicopter is smeared, please don’t use any cleanser to clear it as other cleanser may damage
  • For this helicopter, you have every responsibility to make sure it won’t pose damage to the body and property of others
  • This product is forbidden to be used by children under 14 years old.
  • The LED indicator will change from yellow to red eternal brigth when charging, when finish charging, the LED indicator will change to yellow, this time please unplug the charger from charging socket.

CAUTION: The power indicator is in the state of yellow when the transmitter is electrified, it will become red when charging. If the indicator of the transmitter is in the state of glittering, it shows that the battery is in the state of insufficient power, this time you need to replace the batteries.

There are ENTIRE CONTROLS we have no idea what they’re for. In fact, the ones that have instructions in the manual are pretty suspect too. I *think* there’s a rotor speed lever, a pitch/roll control, and a rudder control. But I’m really not entirely certain. The Easy Control Happy Flight helicopter sure has some pretty lights, though!



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3 responses to “After all that deep deepness”

  1. A to the N to the D to the I to the E! Avatar
    A to the N to the D to the I to the E!

    Control Flight: A Found Poem
    The forbidden zone
    of red eternal brigth is upon us
    in the available interspaces
    where we place our hands.
    Do not operate in a gale
    Do not prevent choking
    Do not play in a brutal way.
    In the state of yellow
    In the state of glittering
    In the state of insufficient power:
    The transmitter is electrified.
    O Easy! O Happy!
    This time: you need to replace
    the batteries.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      That’s pretty effing awesome, A!
      I love it, in fact.

  2. Smarty Pants Avatar
    Smarty Pants

    But but but…I bought *my* helicopter *specifically* for brutal play in The Forbidden Zone!

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