A list

Princess Sassypants
Princess Sassypants

Things #PrincessSassypants is afraid of:

  1. Leaves
  2. Certain kinds of paper
  3. The poop bag holder (that’s shaped like a bone)
  4. My skirt
  5. Little pieces of dust bunnies
  6. Her own farts
  7. The wind
  8. A stalk of grass
  9. Gloves (mittens are fine)
  10. Dining chairs
  11. The sound Twitter makes when I forget to turn off the notification sound
  12. The smallest dog at the vet (but not the biggest ones)
  13. The red blanket
  14. One of her four boots (but only one)
  15. Thunder
  16. “Treats from the sky!”

Things #Bumblebutt is afraid of:

  1. Getting kicked

Want to lay bets on which dog passed the “dog intelligence test”?





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