You suck, Television

You know, I thought that we had something good going here. I thought we really grokked each other. Sure, we don’t have some of the same friends, but we have some of the same interests, and there was always a judge show you and I could do together. WE HAD A GOOD THING.

But now….but now, I just…I don’t know what to say. How could you DO this to me? How could you do me like this? Television? I TRUSTED YOU. I BELIEVED IN YOU. I…..I…I loved you.

You could have just told me that you wanted to end things, or that our relationship was changing or that, I don’t know, you weren’t comfortable anymore. Why’d you have to go and do that to me?

You know I watch that programme. And you had to go and have seventy clowns in the opening sequence? Of COURSE a clown killed people. THAT IS WHAT CLOWNS DO. So.

I expected more, television. At least, I expected you to lie to me. But this? This is unacceptible. You suck.






One response to “You suck, Television”

  1. Parmeisan Avatar

    Are you talking about that episode of the Mentalist? Yeah, you probably shouldn’t have watched that. Or at least the first few minutes of that. And if you didn’t, then don’t.

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