You keep saying this word. I don’t think this word means what you think it means.

I’d like to kiss the Senate page who launched a protest calling for someone – everyone – to stop Prime Minister Harper. First of all, she’s got chutzpah for doing this thing, and I really admire that. Second, even though there were only three weeks left in her contract as a Senate page, she risked pretty much everything to do it, because she feels strongly about the kinds of crap Stephen Harper has got up to and will get up to again.

She could be charged with Contempt of Parliament for doing this, but they won’t, because that would mean she’d be Prime Minister, and Stephen Harper doesn’t like competition. There are a lot of people Very Angry with this young woman because she has ‘made a mockery’ of our ‘time honoured parliamentary traditions’. Have you ever BEEN in Parliament? Have you ever watched a parliamentary session on television? There’s nothing HONOURABLE about it. It’s a bunch of grown men and women acting like devolved monkeys.

But I’ll tell you what really gets me about this. The MPs going on about how it’s a SECURITY breach. It’s not a security breach any more than my going to Parliament with a sign saying “Stop Harper” and dangling it from the gallery would be a security breach. It’s a *protest*, and it’s a protest by someone who has been working with Stephen Harper’s Coneservatives for over a year. It’s no more of a security breach than the protesters at the G20 were a security breach. Oh right. Well.

I’m not going to be one of those people who says Harper is a fascist. I mean, first, because he *isn’t* (although some of the crap he’s done certainly seem to indicate otherwise), and secondly, ‘fascist’ is one of those words that people who are anti-*everything* use synonymously with ‘cuntbubble’ and ‘dickface’, if you know what I mean. It’s just become one of those throw-away insults that people dismiss immediately, and which, let’s be fair, most people probably don’t really know the meaning of. (For the record, extreme right-wing politics and extreme left-wing politics are very nearly completely indistinguishable from one another, which is kind of interesting, but is adjacent to the point. I just wanted to mention it.) I think Harper is far more of a dictator, and, to be frank, that frightens me more.

So on the one hand, calling what this young woman did a ‘security breach’ is great PR/spin, but it’s completely false. And on the other hand, this does just give the already tight-lipped and insular CPC more reason to make it impossible for Canadians to have an open and accountable government. Wait. Wasn’t that an election promi….right.

Don’t assume that this woman’s protest is a security breach. It might be inappropriate; it might be all kinds of other things. But if you think for one minute that anyone was in any actual *danger* from her, you might want to get tested for papyrophobia. Sure, someone in her position *could have* taken a tubule of anthrax into the Parliament and tossed it in the air while dancing a merry jig, but the only way to ensure that nobody ever does anything in public buildings is to close them to the public. Which this government is probably looking for an excuse to do, because they do seem to detest accountability, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Good on you, miss. Shake up those senators. I also love that most of the folks in Parliament who were interviewed said stuff like “this is the most exciting thing that’s EVER happened in Parliament!”





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  1. melistress Avatar

    I don’t know what faccist means. Or even if I spelled it right. I don’t use it. I do use dictator because I do know what that means and Harper is coming dangerously close. To me, she risked everything to have her say. What she said wasn’t dangerous and inappropriate. What she did was make herself the voice and face of 18 million out of the 23 million Canadians who voted for candidates other than conservative.

    Why, oh why do I read the comments on CBC?

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