You Done Me Wrong, SaskParty

See, this is the problem with you, SaskParty: you just don’t think things through very well. You’re impulsive. You’re like a horny teenager at a high school dance – at first, you drink a beer out in the parking lot and think you can romance Miss Potash all the way across the dance floor, until you realise that Miss Potash isn’t even COMING to the dance, and so you have another six beer in the parking lot and you stumble in to the gym and shout “isss okay; I dumped HER, okay?” While you stumble around. “I di’int wanna date her ennyway…”

And then you start sniffling and crying, and you finish your performance by puking in the punch bowl.

A quote from the Regina Leader-Post says:

“I think what we’re signaling in this budget is that we’re going to be prudent and fiscally disciplined and we’re going to do a very deliberate exercise of reducing the footprint of government and be more effective and more efficient and we’re going to continue to look for efficiencies and program improvements who go along,” said Gantefoer, who noted that the vision is one of greater efficiency, not fewer services provided by the government.

Um. Except for the fewer services provided by and supported by the government. Were MLAs’ salaries cut or frozen in this budget? I’m not surprised that you’ve cut by over ten thousand dollars from an already lean amount being allocated to Tourism, Parks, Culture, and Sport. I’m also willing to bet that that money didn’t get cut from Tourism, Parks, or Sport. But I haven’t read the details yet.

Anyway, you had me there for a while last year. You really did. I thought I could deal with you being a little crazy. I thought…okay, I thought I could CHANGE YOU, okay? But I can’t. I know that now. I shouldn’t try. You are what you are, and I have to just accept that.

So…I’ve had a nice time. Really. The dinner was great and the wine was great and the movie was…well, I don’t like Dan Brown, but thanks anyway. Don’t worry. I’m not going to be getting intimate with Lingenfelter anytime soon. But I just can’t in any degree of conscience support you anymore. I dunno, maybe this is an intervention.

You really let me down. I expected so much more from you. You’re smart, young, kinda had something going for you there. But this budget? Dude, it *could* have been so much better. I’m not saying you needed to spend more, and I’m not saying you didn’t need to ‘tighten your belts’…but I think you’ve really pissed off a large number of people with the SCN and that thing you’ve done with tax-free quotas on tobacco, and the whole chiropractic thing, cutting by more than half the province’s Enterprise and Innovation budget, cutting the public service commission, cutting First Nations and Metis Relations, Justice…and what’s the good news? You’re still thinking about highways? Well, that’s lovely. Real nice. Particularly when you cut THAT budget too.

But I noticed you increased the budget for government services, for your own IT department. Including the cost of living analysis in the budget is interesting, but I’m not sure it’s entirely …transparent. As Samuel Clemens said, there are three types of lies in the world: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Because, you know, if I just wanted to quote stats without context, I’d say that in the two budgets you have presented to the people of Saskatchewan, you’ve indicated deficits. And you’ve cut our debt repayment by $300,000.

Anyway, like I said, I’m pretty disappointed. You *could* have done better.





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