Which witch is which?

It is a Bad Idea to leave the oil change in your car to four times later than it’s ‘susposed’ to be. For one, the fellows at the oil change place give you that look. You do so too know that look.

Okay, well, if you’re a fella, you might not know that look. It kind of goes like this:

Oh. Um. right.

Well, it’s that very patronising and annoying “[VISIBLE SIGH]Women drivers….” look.

And it makes me rather peevish, because it has nothing to do with my being a woman. In fact, the only reason I didn’t change my own damned oil is because I’ve nowhere to put the effluent. But, the fact remains I was 20,000 klicks over the ‘we really really REALLY recommend you change your oil’ point. And I discovered that if you leave it that long, your car begins to sound like a diesel. Which is fine if you’re driving a diesel, but not so good if you’re driving a gasoline engine.


Oil’s changed, spark plugs checked and cleaned, engine flushed, fuel lines flushed, fuel filter changed, air filter changed, new wiper blades (the old ones were shameful), and newspaper read while I waited. My car now sounds like it ought to.






6 responses to “Which witch is which?”

  1. Churchy...you know Avatar
    Churchy…you know

    I just love it when you talk dirty.

  2. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    No guys get that look too. I find it is best dealt with the ‘I’m a professional, and far far more important than you, so get back to your job grease monkey and change the oil before I tell a joke that insults you without you knowing it’ look.But then again, I’ve apparently been practicing that condescending look my entire life. :)

  3. Steve Avatar

    Heh. The furnace guy gave me the same look when he found out that I hadn’t changed my filter in over a year and a half.

  4. Smarty Pants Avatar
    Smarty Pants

    Put the effluent on gravel! Keeps the dust down! ;-)

  5. der kaptin Avatar
    der kaptin

    Put the effluent on gravel? No, you pour it on the weeds growing around the garage, the ones that the lawn mower can’t get close enough to cut…wv: seelys. It is to laff.

  6. Smarty Pants Avatar
    Smarty Pants

    Kapitan – LOL! You and my dad would’ve got on famously.“Ground water? Bah, oil only goes down a few inches into the dirt.”Effluent, my Grandpa found, is also a wonderful thing to knock potatoe bugs into.

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