Is it a full moon tonight? Seriously. I had a Sexy Dream about

(wait for it)

Brad Wall.

If you’re not familiar with the man, he’s the Premier of Saskatchewan. Uh, and he’s kind of cute, I guess, in a Casey and Finnegan kind of way. And in my dream, he was the Brad Wall of about 15 years ago. But still. BRAD WALL???

Geez louise.

cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.


  1. TRAITOR!Well, you do go for the skinny geeky types.Wall strikes me as the kind of guy who would ask a girl to dance and then run away before she could answer. You can be honest tho Ceno, he was tied up and you had a strap on right? Cornholed’im good right?

  2. Every single one of you was thinking it! And at least one of you was turned on by it! So don’t go get grumpy with the one guy who was willing to say it!And even if what I just said is completely false, it’s still damn funny that all three of you had such a … ‘response.’

  3. Are you saying that you elicited more disgust than I did?I’m stunned. That never happens.I mean to say, I’m usually the one who causes disgust in others.I’m … oddly torn by this news.

  4. Uh, Coyote?I think they were expressing outrage and disgust at the dream *I* suggested, not the one *you* suggested. And actually, he was very sweet and …gasp… dare I say? Innocent.And while I was not gentle, but rather was more…erm…outgoing than he, it was a very sweet dream.

  5. If you’re attempting to claim that the intensity/weirdness/disturbity of sex dreams is a gender-linked experience, you’re sadly, sadly uninformed, Coyote. And itching for a fight, it would seem.

  6. It was a *SEX DREAM* about *BRAD WALL*. There is no superlative for that, man; that’s as disturbing as is gets! Trust me; I had the dream.

  7. Hey, you could have dreamt that you were being pursued in a sexual way by Steven Harper. And that you…appreciated it. That’s just about the worst dream I could think of. So boy-toy Bradley isn’t so bad by comparison. What it oils down to is this — did you honour him with your…attention, or debase him? Did he honour you or debase you? Now there’s something your subconscious could come clean on!Incidentally I’m keeping track of found-profound instances in your word verification dealy. For this particular topic, for instance, having to do with coitus and dalliance, my word verification is “coidala”. Yes indeed.

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