Today, it is cold.

Watch me now – I’m making our skating rink!

Y’all are going to be upset with me. I’ve been praying for really really really cold weather for about three weeks.

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  1. Curse your efficient Anglican ways. You want a divorce, you get a divorce. You want a cold snap, you get a cold snap.

  2. Could you please limit the area of effect of your cold weather prayers? Have the weather system stop about half-way between our homes? I’d like the milder weather and you can keep the cold. ::grin::

  3. Well, *technically* Anglicanism was created so that the Bretons could have the Catholic liturgy available in their own language, in 800 (or so) CE.But when King Haitch decided to put the royal wand in many other pots to try to stir up a royal hair, and he said “you know what? That Eye-talian poop doesn’t have a red phone to God”, everything got all wonky.

  4. Nah, I was just making the ‘anglicanism was created so some guy could get a divorce’ noise that drives them insane. Or at least it drives Jennnnnn insane.

  5. Chest cold — I keep tellin ya, it’s those friggin cats.Anglicanism — so if Vatican too and the embrace of common-language liturgy had happened 1160 years earlier, there would be no need for the reunification in 2012? Awesome.

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