This is the last day of our acquaintance.

Well, Saskatoon, it’s been great. It’s been grand. You know, sometimes I miss you, you old lug. But it’s time for me to move on. I’ll stick around for a while longer; there’s somewhere I have to be until five o’clock tonight. And I know it’d be rude for me to mention those things that don’t work for me any longer, so I won’t. And I won’t bring up those things that…well…there’s a good reason I had to end things. But this visit has been good! It’s nice to know we can still get along.

Listen, I want you to take care of some folks for me. I mean, just make sure they’re doing okay and for God’s sake, **be nice to them**. I mean, we both know that sometimes, you can be a little cold and self-centred. Okay, a *lot* self-centred. So just, you know, keep an eye out for these folks, because they’re good to me, and they mean a lot to me. I won’t lie to you; it’d mke me happy if they’d think pretty seriously about moving south.

Anyway, thanks for the nice visit. I know I didn’t get to see everyone I probably should have seen. Hopefully some of them will drop in at Exhibition Park or whatever that place is called before five today.

Also, a note to my body – thanks for not doing the crampy thing again. That was truly EXTREMELY unpleasant. But is it entirely necessary to do the bloating thing so much that my fingers look like sausages? So much so that it hurts to wear my rings? I mean, is that *really* necessary? Really? Because I think it’s pretty silly. How about if you don’t do that anymore. That’d be great. Thanks.

Der Kaptin, Kate with one gold eye says to say hi.






4 responses to “This is the last day of our acquaintance.”

  1. The Ms. S Avatar
    The Ms. S

    I really like your new banner. That “light” is just about my favourite at this time of year.

  2. der kaptin Avatar
    der kaptin

    Whoa. Kate? In Toon-town? I was wondering what happened to her. Thanks for the hi. That’s great. Did she have anything else to say?

  3. cenobyte Avatar

    DK: Oh, Kate told me *many* things. She’s opening a Bath Goddess store in the new south development (“Big Box Hell”) in Saskatoon. She’s left Lumsden and all that entails behind. And she remembers you fondly. Also, Terry Jordan and Bill Robertson. She seems like a hell of a woman.

  4. Der Kaptin Avatar
    Der Kaptin

    God grant us always an abundance of horsewomen.

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