The Winnery

I am very pleased that the young Slovaks have won a game in the medal round. They haven’t won a medal since 1999, when they took home the bronze in Winnipeg, I think it was. Apparently the team was so new and so unprepared, they arrived in Winnipeg without proper equipment or even places to stay.

This whole cheering for the ‘underdog’ thing will probably be the end of me.

Incidentally, when we, as my friend’s husband would say, “have weather” in Canada, the national weather agency often releases “weather warnings” for the areas of the country that will be affected. You know, maritime storm warnings, tornado watches, etc., etc., etc.. The yellow areas mean Something Bad Might Happen. The red areas mean Something Bad Is Happening. This is what it’s like in Canada in the winter:

Talk about your ‘red threat’.






4 responses to “The Winnery”

  1. Cori Quite Contrary Avatar
    Cori Quite Contrary

    I am not leaving the house today.

  2. Jenn Avatar

    It’s official, no husband for me tonight. I think I’m going to drink a bottle of wine.

  3. brielle128 Avatar

    Funny story my me:We went to a raider game last night and during the intermission they announced the scores of the other games. When they came to the scores of the yankns and slovaks, everyone cheered louder than during the game. hil-farking-arious. Oh, and the raiders stomped the hurricanes. Stomped as in 8-2. Most excellent game. One minutes of silence requested by both teams for the one boy who died from injuries in a fight in Dec. So sad. You could see the refs actually change in this game. Not one single punch was allowed to land. It was neat because we paid for a hockey game and got one instead of a boxing match. We had to recheck our tickets. It was so nice to see hockey with no fights. Some chippy moments, but no fights. I wish this for the rest of the sport forever.

  4. cenobyte Avatar

    which is to say, I am very glad the young Slovaks have won this game, which cements for them a playoff spot in the medal round.I just now realised how ambiguous that was. My apologies, if you were about to tell me the medal rounds to not start until tomorrie.

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