The Seventh

Today, at 6:21 am, this kid turns ten.

When he was born, he looked like a grapefruit stuck to an orange by a few popsicle sticks. A friction mount, if you will. His eyes were purple and swollen shut, and he was not so good with the breathing.

Today, he looks like he’s built out of bricks (and feels like it), he’s starting to smell faintly of goats (particularly after hockey), and he has NO PROBLEM breathing. Especially when he’s shouty.

Ten years ago, he slept in my laundry basket at the foot of my bed (technically, ten years ago, he slept in an isolette the size of a bread bin, but I’m waxing poetic here. Or something). Today, he can’t fit in that laundry basket unless I smoosh him in and use some lard to help. Not that I’ve tried it, but…you know…hypothetically.

He is smart, funny, and caring. He smiles easily, laughs often, and gets a twinkle in his eye when you talk about farts. Or nards. His favourite books are about Samurai and adventures, but he also appreciates Calvin and Hobbes on many levels. He plays roleplaying games and he creates his own roleplaying games. Watching him skate makes me wish I could do things better.

He’s grown in to a pretty amazing boy. He always was.

Happy Birthday, The Captain!



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4 responses to “The Seventh”

  1. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    A decade huh?

    Oh yeah the goat smell, that never goes away.

    I’m caught in a whirlwind of memories of my Little Bear when she was ten.

    Happy birthday Captain!

  2. Amy Avatar

    Yep, ten years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. Well, you *do* tend to remember narrowly-non-toilet-based births and getting your best friend accused of being a junkie.

    But most of all I remember going to work afterwards and being stunned how no-one seemed to realize that the world was *different* now because this new person was in it.

    All my love to T., and you, and the whole damn fambly.

  3. cenobyte Avatar

    Amy, don’t DO that when I’m at work.

  4. viperpilot Avatar

    I am quite often reminded by *my* T about time I spent with *your* T.

    Warm, fuzzy remembery things. We can compare notes in ten years’ time!

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