The Road Less Travelled

When Wassisname Frost…ol’ Frosty…ol’ Chilly Britches himself wrote that famous poem, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking in *metaphors* and *allegories* and *imagery* and all that poetical crud. And really, the poem wasn’t famous at ALL when he wrote it. It didn’t get famous until a whole bunch of other people *read* it. You know. Just to be clear.

Anyways, everyone always figures he was talking about how that poem was all about being an individual and being brave about doing things other people don’t do. Probably that’s because how teachers learned it, all the way back to, like, the middle ages when he wrote it, so you can’t really blame them. But he wasn’t talking about any of that stuff. Here’s what Bobby Eff meant:

When you are travelling in New Brunswick from Fredericton to SACKVILLE (snigger) to meet your long lost brother for pizza, it is better to take highway 106 than to take the Trans-Canada highway. This may appear to be a bit too specific for a poem written more than thirty years before the Trans-Canada Highway Act was even written into legislation, but trust me. This is what he meant.

Because there’s a little tea house on highway 106, between Dieppe and SACKVILLE (snigger), and it’s the best thing on earth. It’s run by an English lady, and she serves everything homemade, including jam. She serves proper cream tea, and she makes coffee in a french press (which they call something entirely different Over There) and the scones are perfect, even though they have raisins in. When she mentioned that she didn’t get as much business as she thought she would, and would gladly sell the entire property and everything in it for under $200,000, I damn near made an offer. In fact, I think I might have done.

If you take a look down below, you’ll see what may well become my new house. In Dorchester. Just down the road from SACKVILLE (snigger).


My tea house:






10 responses to “The Road Less Travelled”

  1. Mike McCall Avatar
    Mike McCall

    Ol Bobby-boy being who he was, I think he was also talking about metaphors and shit like that. Like, he had this experience, and it was cool, like yours was, and it got him thinking…and then he wrote this poem with all sorts of layers, y’know?

    But yeah, totally. He was talking about taking the 106 and stumbling into an awesome little tea-house that you just might buy.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      Totally, dude. Totally.

  2. shannon Avatar

    I’ve never served and I don’t bake but if you added a bookstore, I would be you’re shop girl.

  3. shannon Avatar

    *your* shop girl

  4. Cori May Avatar
    Cori May

    If you buy that place, I will come work for you in whatever capacity you require. And I do bake.

  5. cenobyte Avatar

    If all y’all are willing to move here (well, Shannon, you’re already mostly here), there will be literally nothing keeping me from making an offer on the tea house.

  6. Cori May Avatar
    Cori May

    My friend Shelly and I actually discussed doing something just like this, say, ten years from now. A little bed and breakfast somewhere nice to live.

  7. A Strange Boy Avatar

    I went to university in Sackville! Magical little town.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      So did my little bro’s GAY LOVER!

  8. lilrat Avatar

    ohh how awesome i am good at cleaning and i like laundry! as long as cats are allowed i would totally help out!

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