Temper tempo

In general, I do not like yelling at people. I can be very good at it, and sometimes when I’m terribly upset and my hair is wild and spit is flying out of my mouth and my voice is cracking, well, those times, I feel like I should be weilding a broom or throwing a cat or speaking junkulese. Note: no actual cats have been thrown in the discussion of this topic.

There were an awful lot of people at my house who witnessed this. We had, throughout the summer, quite a few afternoons and evenings where we’d host our friends and our friends’ families. This was fun, and sometimes stressful, but usually, it was pretty cool. This particular night, my friend Coyote said something or did something that made me Quite Upset. I haven’t a clue what it was, but I got Very, Very Angry with him. I yelled at him and told him to leave. He thought I wasn’t serious, of course, which made me Even More Angry.

Eventually, after much, much yelling and my insistence that he Just Leave, he realised (along with most of the other guests) that I was really Quite Upset, and he quietly took his things and left.

So this morning, I had to write him a note to apologise for what I said to him, and the way in which it was said to him, in my dream. Because none of this really happened in the really-and-truly. It was just a dream.







2 responses to “Temper tempo”

  1. Viper Pilot Avatar
    Viper Pilot

    Heh. Lol. Not an entirely unreasonable thing to think Coyote may have said something affronting.

    Speaking of dreams, I had one of my two dreams for the year last night – a water monitor tried to mate with my 16-month old son.

    Uh, okay. Thanks, brain!

  2. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    Hey!! I’m usually pretty good about tempering my obnoxious personality. It comes with age.

    And apology accepted Ceno, I would never let words said in anger colour my opinions of a fine person such as yourself. Seeing as how I can turn into same said voice cracking, cat throwing ball of fury. :)

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