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  • Empty – NaBloPoMo Day 7

    I worked pretty hard this past weekend. I was at a retreat. Had some rewriting to do on a manuscript. Thought it’d be easy. Boy, was I wrong. I mean. I knew I had a lot to rework. I just had no idea that I could actually focus like that. Focusing isn’t really one of…

  • Waitaminute, do what to whom? In the where?

    TL:DR – (sexual) harassment isn’t funny. It’s illegal.

  • Save up all those tomorrows for just one yesterday

    I shook your hand You took the time To foster something wonderful You will be missed

  • I don’t think this word means what you think it means

    I’m totally in support of Reverse Racism. Particularly if “Reverse” is a verb and not an adjective.

  • NOW I get it

    About ten years ago, I was offered a freelance contract writing an ‘advice column’ for a men’s magazine. I turned down the offer because a) they weren’t paying well; and b) I wasn’t sure they’d appreciate the kind of ‘advice’ I’d be giving. Because either I’d have to give completely tongue-in-cheek advice or I’d have…

  • America, I can solve your problems

    After nearly a week of being at home with the Coughing Palsy or pleurisy or something, I have completed a comprehensive survey of American socio-political culture*. I have decided that I can make life much better for Americans. Remember: I have GOOD IDEAS! If you are a Yankee, all you have to do to improve…

  • Natural Disasters are Bad Things

    Yes. you read that right. Natural disasters are Bad Things. This is a well-known fact. They would not be called “Disasters” (natural or otherwise) if they were Good Things. But, and this may make me an Outcast in your books, I do not want to hear about Haiti. Haiti has been in need of assistance…