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So I don’t want to toot my own horn here (yes I do. I really, really do. Toot! Toot! Toot!) but there’s this thing that happened recently (in the past week) that I’m a little excited about (SUPER excited about) and since I love you (I do!), I want to share it with you. Mum always said something like this might happen (she didn’t; she said “quit being such a smartass. Nobody likes a smartass.” But I think she might have been joking?).

cenobyte's CBC leggings

Some people at CBC have let me write stuff for them.

I just feel like I need to say that again (remember, you’re reading the person who bought official CBC leggings): CBC have let me write stuff for them.

First, this happened:

Then they were all, “OMG WHAT YOU ARE SO FUNNY” (it actually went more like “I’m not sure you’re as funny as you think you are, but you said something about bunnyhugs?”) and this happened:

Also, I need to tell you that I have no idea how that selfie came out that way. Someone asked me for a picture for a bio in a thing and I was at the office and hate having my photo taken so I just hammed it up. HAM IT IS, my friend. Ham. It. Is.


Also, then this happened:



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9 responses to “Some light reading”

  1. Bel Avatar

    Congrats! That’s brilliant!

  2. Stubblejumpers Cafe Avatar

    Exciting, for sure! And you ARE a smartass, but the good kind. -Kate

  3. DerKaptin Avatar

    Yes, it’s trooly amazing what a person can/will do to avoid tackling that novel. Whole careers have been forged…

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      WELL ACTUALLY I may *also* be working on a novel-type thingummy. And/or thinking VERY HARD about a collection of poetry.

  4. Mishkin Avatar

    Great beginnings! Looking forward to much more.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      Thank you, Mishkin!

  5. Ben Avatar

    I can get behind my tax dollars being used to promote smartassery.

    1. cenobyte Avatar


      I should add “smartass for hire” to my business cards.

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