So that was a thing – NaBloPoMo Day 12

*warning: you may wish to pre-clutch your pearls because this is a seriously hardcore post*

we went to the new Costco today. I was supposed to get a hot dog but I didn’t. #HisNibs made a hot dog for supper at home instead. The new Costco is exactly like the old Costco, except bigger, filled with more people, much more annoying to get to, and with less room in the aisles.

I don’t know why Costco is such a big deal. It kind of makes me feel dead inside.







6 responses to “So that was a thing – NaBloPoMo Day 12”

  1. DerKaptin Avatar

    All you have to do is a price comparison on the cheese, and you’ll know why it’s such a big deal….. Then there’s the cost of gas.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      Sometimes that’s true. But the cost of gas to get there, the cost of gas to find a parking spot, and the cost of having to play nice in the midst of throngs of shoppers probably outweighs the cheese benefits. Plus, if I visit my local neighbourhood cheesemonger, I get really cool cheese. Yeah, I pay more for it. But that double brie with mushrooms? Best. Cheese. Evar.

  2. DerKaptin Avatar

    But the hot dogs? I wouldn’t walk across the parking lot for a free one of their over-garlicked tummy bomb dogs.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      1) There is no such thing as “too much garlic”;
      2) The hot dogs don’t have much garlic at all. The sausage dogs do, and they’re MAGNIFICENT. But not hot dogs.
      3) I would brave Costco itself for one of those magic hot dogs. With onions. Great. Now I’m drooling.

  3. Dirck Avatar

    Dead inside? Then it’s working exactly the way it’s meant to.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      But why. WHYYYYYY do people insist that it’s the best thing since Betty White?

      I get it if you live on a farm or in a rural location where your favourite grocery items/comestibles aren’t always readily available and/or if you want to buy the 40L jug of dishwasher detergent so you only have to make that trip once a quarter. But for city folk who have EASY access to *many* grocery stores and speciality shops, why would you even?

      There were people in there with TWO BUGGIES worth of goods. And they were talking about how “this should do it for the next couple of weeks” and I was like, jesus murphy, are you running a bed and breakfast? WHO GOES THROUGH THAT MUCH TERLET TISSUE IN A MONTH?

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