Saturday, 13th June 2009

Dear Diary,

Today, I missed The Captain. He was at a sleepover and then went fishing with his friends at the lake. Today was also the day I got to be a Really And Truly Librarian. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but when I was a much younger cenobyte, I used to play Library. I made records cards, pasted envelopes into books, and kept a log of the books (by title and author – at six, I’d not heard of the Dewey Decimal system). I leant books to neighbourhood children and offered a personal pick-up service. Picture books were leant for a week at a time, chapter books for two weeks. I also leant out board games and other toys. I believe mine was the first library in our city that had comics for borrowing.

So I was excited to get to volunteer at our local library when our Regular Librarian (I am the Irregular Librarian) had a daughter in labour to attend to. I even got to stamp books with the return date!

The Captain has now been on sleepover for precisely 24 hours. I am positive he’s having a blast. I must admit to being a little melancholy at how fast the boys are growing up.

In other news. after watching the Discovery Channel’s “Destroyed in [relatively few] Seconds”, I think perhaps helicopter rides will be much fewer and further between.

Hope the skies stay as blue and brilliant as they have bene these last few days. My birthday usually brings clement weather.






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