Monkeys aren’t just for poop-flinging anymore

I have the utmost respect for the folks who decide to become teachers. Particularly elementary school teachers. It’s your responsibility to not only edumacate the next generations, but also to incite and foster in them a love of lifelong learning, a love of knowledge, a love of questions. And sometimes, as a teacher of elementary school, you have to settle down your class, because your class resembles a tureen full of caffeine-addled monkeys.

So you teach your students the game 7-Up. Remember 7-Up?

There are two or more people who are “it”. They go to the back of the classroom. The rest of us put our heads down on our desks and stick our hand up or our thumb up or what have you. Then the people who are “it” wander through the aisles, and one “itter” pushes down someone’s thumb or hand. That person (or all of the people whose appendages got pushed down) have to guess who did it.

Our teachers were Very Clever Indeed. They had a box full of tube socks to slide over your own socks and trouser legs so that the Peekers wouldn’t know whose feet were whose. If you guessed correctly, the “it” person got to sit down. If you guessed *incorrectly*, you had to join the “it” team, and then the teacher would choose a different “it” person from your pack. The object of the game was to provide the teacher with a few moments of sanity in an otherwise noisy and stress-filled day. The way you won was to either be the “it” person who recruited the most “itters” without getting caught, or to be the person from the peanut gallery who correctly identified the most “itters”.


I just fell asleep. Every time I put my head down on my desk, I fell asleep.

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