It's Sunday

You know where that day’s name comes from, don’t you? That’s right! Two days of beautiful weather before everything goes to hell in a handbasket again!

So here’s the deal. I’ve always wanted to live close to water. In my dream world, I’d live *on* the water, in a grand yacht or houseboat with a slide off the back and a hot tub on deck. However, this is not my dream world, so I live in a house that is firmly moored to the earth, near some water. Sometimes, I am fortunate enough to stay with people who have houses within spitting distance of the water.

I don’t honestly remember what lake it was we were staying at, but we’d been there an awfully long time; long enough that our friends came to visit us there. The Smarty Pantses and the Neos, and the Arnisadors. But the Arnisadors didn’t stay; they just came out for a visit. Late in the night, after many fermented malt beverages had been consumed, Smarty Pants decided to jump in the lake. Neo did as well. There were several young ladies out swimming in the lake at the time, and so this decision made perfect sense.

Yours truly also leapt in, although Yours Truly was wearing underclothes; the boys leapt in fully dressed. It turned out this lake was extremely shallow (6 feet at the deepest) and alkaline. I watched the gents flop around out in the water, and then joined them. They teased each other about not being able to get out of the water in front of their wives, if they kept swimming with the naked young ladies, and I grinned and swam off to the west. The water was warm – it had been heated by the sun all day, and with such a shallow lake, free of algae due to the alkalinity, it was pleasant to swim in. The bottom was caked hard with mineral deposits and felt strange on my feet.

Neo and Smarty Pants splashed around, practising the martial art they do, but with the added resistance of the water. Then I noticed a current in the lake. A very, very strong current in the lake. It was pulling us all to the east, as if the lake became a narrow channel to the east that tumbled over a cliff…then I noticed The Captain was swimming with us. I grabbed him and gave him hell. First, because he was out of bed, but also because he was swimming in a lake that developed a hell of a current that he would not be able to swim against. I grabbed his arm and dragged him back to shore, noting Neo and Smarty Pants were far, far out to the middle of the lake. I handed The Captain over to His Nibs, and swam hard, letting the current help, to reach the guys.

“Do you realise how far out you are?” I asked. They grinned and turned to look.

Smarty Pants looked a little concerned, but not as concerned as Neo looked. They both swore a little and started back. I suggested they try an angle to the shore rather than directly into the current, and apparently all ended well as the next thing I remember is being in an antique store four houses away from my Nama’s house in the thick of the hot, dry southern part of the province. A store that had never actually existed. And the owner seemed to think I’d be providing him with sexual favours.

I woke up with a feeling of disgust and rage, so decided to go back to sleep for a while and dream about that houseboat I mentioned earlier.






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  1. Neo Avatar

    are you describing a dream Cenobyte? if not, i don’t remember this event. if its a dream….i likes it :)

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