Gran Turismo

I have now accepted that I am rapidly approaching the “GET OFF MY LAWN!” stage of Old Fartedness. High school kids have parties across the street from our house, and I think, “well, it won’t be long until one of those buggers chokes on their own vomit and makes a *spectacular* exit”. I tell people to pull up their damned pants and put their horrible ball caps on properly. And that it’s not a race to see who can get to school completely naked. Or rather, it oughtn’t be.

ANYWAY. All of this by way of mentioning that I am but two steps away from “GET OFF MY LAWN!” and “those goddamned kids and their hippity-hop music” and “what are they THINKING?” But this really isn’t about the kids. It’s about having a low tolerance for bullshit. And I mean a *really* low tolerance for bullshit.

It used to be that it took an awful lot to offend me. I’m not so sure I’m more easily offended now, but it sure doesn’t take much to piss me off. Which is why I’m thinking that maybe social media is pure crap. Except there are a handful of people I chat with every day who would be sorely missed if I gave up on all the social media.

…and it just occurred to me now that I’m pretty tired of making these self-indulgent, narcissistic blog posts about how terrible my life is and how angry I am and how UNFAIR the world is. It’s about time to stop coming across as a whiny git.

So I think I’ll not make a point of pointing out when I go through another stage where entire reams of contacts are baleeted or muted from social networks. I mean, who does that serve? “You’d better be nice or else cenobyte isn’t going to read you anymore.”

To the three people who are so incredibly, frustratingly small-minded and mind-bogglingly wrong about the way the really-really world works: I don’t like to name names unless it’s someone already in the public eye (I’m looking at YOU, Tom Lukiwski. Get off my lawn), so you can just stay on “the list”, as it were. Also, I’m sure I’d be flattered to know how many similar lists Yours Truly is on. Suffice it to say, Get Off My Lawn.






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  1. Jubajuice Avatar

    It’s not just you. The older I get, the less patience I have for everything.

  2. senatorhung Avatar

    my sis was in town a couple of weeks back and startled me when i started going off on the need for an non-first-past-the-post voting system. she started lecturing me about how if i cared about it so much, that i should do something about it instead of just ranting. i was a wee sheepish about how strident and angry she thought i was, but i took it as an educational opportunity to inform her about single-transferable voting and instant run-off voting, and told her about the AV referendum going on that same week in the UK.

    there are *so* many things going on in this world – i do like her idea of focusing on what matters most, but not at the neglect of keeping tabs on other stuff that might affect me even more down the road. maybe that’s why clint’s movie seemed to strike a chord with audiences ? we’re all just trying to figure out how to make the world make some sense without going stir crazy ourselves ?

  3. Stark Raving Dad Avatar
    Stark Raving Dad

    I think it is the build up – you can take a great deal for a long time, but the accumulated bullshit eventually wears you down to the point where you have very little room left in your “cup-o-bullshit-holding.” Then even relatively small amounts are enough to fill it up.

    My cup runneth over every frigging day.

    That and the fact that people on the internet (not all, but a lot of them) are assholes. Something to do with the lack of physical communication (i.e. all that non-verbal stuff which conveys so much of our meaning) plus a touch of “its the internet, I am allowed to say anything here!” with just a dash of true colours shining through…

    But I’ve been yelling at the kids to get off my lawn for years now, so I’ve had more time to practice. :)

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      But SRDad, what do they have feet for if not to run on the grass?

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