GiST #16/365

1. Remembering to stop the car on the way to the babysitter’s so that we can all hop out and jump on the crackly ice, to hear that sharp, percussive sound of breaking glass, and watch in glee as mud splashes up to dot our trousers, jackets, and smiling faces.

2. Shy crocuses peeking out from under the humous and layers of last fall’s leaves.

3. Confused Cats blinking in the sun, and taking tentative steps out on to the deck. They are convinced, you see, that their paws will become Wet and therefore Unsatisfactory (although they pronounce it ‘uncatisfactory’) because they can smell the warm air and they know that somewhere nearby, water runs in rivulets.

4. Finding pucks, shields, swords, mittens, keys, a hammer, and a barbeque that had been buried in the snow all winter.

5. Sounds of joy bubbling up and out of every child who walks past the house on the way to school. Their voices have been muted by the snow too long, and they are hungry for the colour green.






i make squee noises when you tell me stuff.

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