Figured out what the problem is

cenobyte had a Very Long board meeting last night. She managed to catch the last half of the third period of the Canada-Switzerland hockey game on the way home from work; that’s how long the meeting went. During the meeting, cenobyte was stricken with fever and chills. She did her very best to pretend “this is not *happening* to me” with fever and chills. Because, you know, she hasn’t time to Get Sick right now.

cenobyte hasn’t been able to get to sleep before 3am for the past week or more. Often, even when she goes to bed at 10pm (or 8pm), she cannot sleep, and she gets up and wanders around and reads and has warm milk and hot baths and chamomile tea and even rum, and none of it helps. Some days, she’s not able to get to sleep before FIVE am. What gives?

So, combine the two, and cenobyte isn’t feeling well.

However, cenobyte has figured out exactly what the problem is with her sore neck.

Neck sharks.

cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.


  1. So, next time some stressed-out executive tells you that organizational managementing is a pain in the neck, you won’t be so quick to scoff, will you?Neck sharks indeed, you fabliser, you metaphoritician, you confabutant.The no sleeping is more of a concern. Have you or anyone in your clan had any seerious incidents? In other words, could you be harbingering? Or is just your deep genetic programming to be up to feed the cave fire, to keep the clan from freezing to death or becoming some sabre-tooth’s meat popsickles? Of course, the answer to these and numerous other tribulations is…more sex. ‘Cause even if it turns out not to be the answer…who cares?

  2. CHW, if there were more sex involved, we wouldn’t be leaving the house, which is a Good Thing. I don’t think there’s anything causing Great Consternation that would explain the not sleeping. Viper Pilot: Are you saying I need to find some neck tanks?Steve: I don’t see how a bow tie will work. It’s *neck* sharks; not *throat* sharks. However, I’m not averse to wearing bow ties.

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