Dear People Afraid of Everything:

Do not listen to the latest malarky coming from the bank/credit card company.

If you are stupid enough to put things like your SIN, your passport number, your birth date, your banking information, and your credit card information into an online third-party “information protection” software that the people who are selling it can’t actually inform you how it works and what security protocols it uses, you deserve to be parted with your money.

Here’s a suggestion: Don’t share information you’re not comfortable with the idea of other people getting ahold of.

That is all.







2 responses to “Dear People Afraid of Everything:”

  1. Neo Avatar

    “Here, let US protect all your sensitive and secure information. That way, YOU don’t have to and you can rest easy. I understand your concern about other people having this, that’s why WE won’t let anyone else have it. How does everything work? What encryption do we use? Well, we use a standard 128-bit encryption, the same as your bank! And everything is saved online for you so that it can be easily accessed whenever you need!What could be easier? Certainly nobody would DREAM of trying to get this information, that’s just ridiculous!”

  2. cenobyte Avatar


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