Conversation in my head

Were I to take a lover
truly, take a lover
Were it my place to have a lover
I mean
another lover

Were I to have two lovers
really, two different lovers
Were it my place to have two lovers
I’d choose you

Why me?
Why would you choose *me*?
You could have anyone; everyone in the world
as your lover.

No, not everyone. Not anyone.
Neil Gaiman, you see, is taken.
No, I’d choose you.


Well, because, you see …
I say, it’s like this.
I could fall forever
in your eyes. I could, I say
lose myself in your laugh.
It’s trite, I know.

My eyes?
You’d take me as your other lover
because I bat my eyelashes?

Um, I say. Well, you have
a very nice bum also.







3 responses to “Conversation in my head”

  1. jeffrey zed Avatar
    jeffrey zed

    i don’t know if i’m in a position to take another lover…

    but if i could, it might be you.

    after we had coffee, or something.

  2. Cori Avatar

    Aww, you shouldn’t have.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    If I am not looking at
    it’s because I’m afraid that someday
    you will bat your eyelashes at

    I am afraid
    that the warmth of your soul
    would burn me
    that the smiles you share
    would disappear
    that your ability to care
    would no longer include

    I am afraid
    that you would find your way out
    of my eyes
    that what was once amusing
    would become stale
    that you would see past the facade
    and truly see

    I am afraid
    that I would say yes
    if I saw you bat your eyelashes at

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