When faced with the decision “Do I delete this comment because it’s meaningless”? I always choose not to do so. The only comments I ever delete are ones I don’t approve in the first place because they are spamalicious. But, as you know, from time to time there are comments made on here that are often nonsensical, or just plain weird.

I know who posts them. I know why they’re nonsensical and/or just plain weird.

They’re not really hurting anyone, and I think we can all just kind of agree to ignore them. Sometimes, they’re offensive, but again, they’re not really hurting anyone. I certainly don’t consider it “cyberbullying” (one of the stupidest terms ever coined in the history of coining terms) or harassment. To be honest, I get far more upset at some of the other comments; never at the rubbish comments.

In fact, when I see these posts, I just feel sad. Because I know who the person who posts them used to be. And, perhaps could be again?


Because I don’t believe in censorship. You have every right to say whatever distasteful, hateful, ridiculous, ill-advised, brilliant, witty, loving, attention-seeking, humble thing you wish to say.

Now, some folks say “Sure, but you, cenobyte, don’t need to publish it.” And/or “You, cenobyte, don’t need to be the vehicle through which it is said.” But if I remove the comments I find distasteful, or the comments I would prefer not to appear on my bournal, have I not just become a censor? It’s not like this bournal is a printed document that I have to edit for brevity.

It isn’t harmful. It isn’t inciting or promoting hatred or violence or illegal acts. It’s just very, very sad. You may have to trust me on this.

On the other hand, these comments often contribute nothing. Sometimes, they do. Usually, they don’t. So if the purpose of this bournal is to foster a back-and-forth communication, these comments are not serving the purpose. But are they HARMING anything? Are they *detrimental*?

The Utilitarian in me says that if they’re not making things better, then they are contributing to worseosity. But the practical side of me (the entire area of which is contained in a one-inch-square spot on my left heel) says nobody really pays attention to them. However, you can see my conundrum.

Do I delete the comments that do not “matter”, and give in to a kind of censorship? Or do I just leave them be, and know that they will, forever more, be beacons of weirdness on my bournal?






3 responses to “Conflict”

  1. Todd Avatar

    Here is my meaningless comment.

  2. Katara Avatar

    I’m trying to figure out what to say in order to be a beacon of weirdness in your journal.
    My life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot.

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