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As part of the Ask cenobyte Experiment, Silent Winged Coyote asks:

I’ve always wondered this and I’m curious as to how you’d answer so
here’s my question: Seeing as how you’ve been offered the chance to, what would be the required situation for you to run for a public office at any political level?

First, let me just say that the idea of a “winged coyote” is somewhat disturbing. Never mind a “silent winged coyote”. I mean, whether it’s ‘silent-winged coyote’, which prompts images of a hungry, mangy, slightly deranged predator mammal/carrion eater that you can’t hear coming through the air until you hear the smack and slurp of its cracked, sharpened teeth against your throat; or whether it’s ‘silent winged-coyote’, which brings to mind the same beast, but it’s completely *undetectable* when it hovers until you a) smell it, or b) see it upon you…well…just unsettling. That’s all.

Also: “Humber” is an AWESOME name/word/place name. It sounds like what bears do when they’re walking down a hill – they don’t quite “lumber”, because they get up to quite a clip. So they “humber”.


For me to run for political office at any level, the following requirements would need to be met:
1) My children would have to be grown up. Er. Adults. Um. Responsible people over the age of 18.

2) My husband would have to be in full support. Running for political office at any level at the moment could make things uncomfortable for him, as the nature of his job usually places his work within the context of having to work with government and/or government officials. It could be a conflict of interest.

3) I would have to be 100% debt-free (it won’t be long now!!!)

4) A political party would have to actually understand that I would not ‘toe the party line’. While there are some things I can keep my opinion to myself about, there are other things I would not do so for.

5) I would probably have to take down this bournal. And any other super secret bournals that may or may not be in existence.

6) Realistically, I would need an awful lot of fundraising to be done.

7) On a very personal note, I would have to quash my own feelings about (and dislike for) popularity contests in all their forms.

None of these are unmeetable requirements, and holding representative office is not an unreachable goal. While I’m sure I’d be okay with the death threats, public scrutiny, and word-mangling that happens to elected officials, I’m not sure I’d be okay with the huge responsibility it would be to represent the people whose interests I would be representing.

Oh. 8) John Gormley would have to buy me an expensive dinner and talk books and literature all night. He would know, and I know, that I would be (and am) one of the “left wing-nuts” he ridicules, but I would really like to talk about art and culture with him at the restaurant of his choosing. Actually, I’d really like that *anyway*, even if I weren’t going to be running for elected office. I’d bring him a gift, maybe something from my personal library, and I think that would be a really fun night.






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  1. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    The name is supposed to be unsettling, thank you for recognizing that.

    I’d vote for you Ceno and would hope you wouldn’t take down these blogs, instead incorporate them into the overall idea of your position in puglic office. A completely transparent politician who speaks her mind.

    And I suspect the fun in the evening with Gormley would come when you drop kicked him for his 10th sexist blonde left-wing nut job joke and then broke his neck with your muscular and well exercised (due to dance) thighs. :)

  2. cenobyte Avatar

    Heh. Thanks for the vote!

    But I suspect if one were to hold public office, one would want one’s private life to be kept as private as possible. It’s not that I’m ashamed of anything I’ve written here, but rather that some of the things I talk about involve other people, particularly my children, who do not deserve to be under public scrutiny because of their parents’ jobs.

    Also, I do have to point out: I don’t think John Gormley is sexist at all. He has a lot of strong opinions that I don’t agree with (and I suspect I have some strong opinions he doesn’t agree with), but I don’t think he’s sexist. And considering the man has no hair, I can’t imagine him making more than one blonde joke.

  3. Parmeisan Avatar

    Heh. Left wing-nut.

  4. der kaptin Avatar
    der kaptin

    Gormley? You and this crazy thing you have for older, authoritarian men…

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