Case in Point

Anyone not from central Canada should probably really pay attention to this article about Prime Minister Harper’s latest cabinet shuffle. Contrary to popular belief, a cabinet shuffle actually has very little to do with office equipment and redesigning your floor plan.

The cabinet shuffle itself is concerning, but of more interest at the moment is Harper’s claim that he is “not interested in an election”. Wasn’t Stephen Harper one of the people campaigning on a ‘set date for elections’ platform? I mean, far be it for me to point out the inconsistencies from any politician, but….but, well, I will.

Now is the time, more than any other (leading up to an election), where the subtleties of politics is really really interesting. If only I could convince you to pay as much attention to what candidates don’t say or don’t do as to what they do say and do. That’s an awkward sentence, isn’t it?

Well. That’s probably because I removed a bunch of words to make it less offensive.

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