Call in Gay Day

Wednesday, 10th December is International Human Rights Day.
This year, members of GLBT community (that’s Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered) are advocating an economic boycott. It’s an interesting idea, and cenobyte is going to participate. From the Day Without a Gay website, here are some suggestions for how you can observe this day, if you are so inclined:

Strike: call in gay, shut down your business, or just take the day off.

Boycott: don’t buy anything, spend money or support the economy.

Participate: visit for a list of volunteer and/or protest opportunities.

I would *love* to “call in gay”. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if the entire office called in gay.

It is ridiculous that there are still 30 some states where it is still legal to fire someone because of their gender identity or because of their gender preference. Just think about this for a minute: you could be **fired from work** because of **the way you have sex**. From now on, I’d like to suggest that everyone who has ever had a *heterosexual* relationship also lose their jobs. And anyone who has referred to breasts in any of the following ways immediately have their children removed from school: “jugs, hooters, ta-tas, paps, tits, love puppies”. Also, if you have ever used any of the following words or phrases in public, you’re no longer eligible for government funding or tax rebates: “God, prayer, traditional values, “adam and eve not adam and steve”, sex education, mixed-race marriage”.

Do you see how stupid this is?

Now, let’s do the ‘change the words’ thing again here. This is an article from The Right Side News, a right-wing news/tabloid source in the USA. I’ve changed some of the text.

Inter-racial marriage will end the value of traditional marriage in America. How do I know?

The Federation of First Nations tries to paint an “Ozzie and Harriet” picture of the poor Aboriginal couple that wants to get married and raise a family. But what are the facts. We know because inter-racial marriage is legal in the Netherlands and has been for some time. Surveys conducted in both America and the Netherlands show that there is no comparison between an “inter-racial marriage” and a “normal marriage.”

  • In normal marriage 90% of women and 80% of men surveyed have never cheated on their spouses. Contrast that with the fact that surveys show Aboriginals in “committed” relationships have sex with eight other partners in an average year (the number of liaisons with each of those eight was not recorded)
  • In heterogeneous marriage, studies show that 70% of first marriages last at least 10 years while 57.7% last over 20 years. When Aboriginals are involved, the average relationship lasts 18 months.

Currently, in Scandinavia, 60% of first-born children now have unwed parents.

Is there a cost to society for not having a white Mother and a white Father in a home? In America, single parent homes are 700% more likely to live in poverty while in our prisons, 70% of prisoners are from single parent homes. Just as the cell is the basic building block to the human body, the family has been the basic building block in America. If we destroy the family, America will not be far behind. But even if a person didn’t care about our Nation and didn’t believe the Bible, if a person claims to have compassion for his fellow man, he would still oppose inter-racial marriage.

Over the past 15 years, there have been many surveys trying to determine what percentage of the population in America was Aboriginal. Even liberal think tanks place that number at around 15% of the population. The percentage of sexually transmitted diseases, depression and suicide should be consistent with other population groups if marrying an Aboriginal was a safe alternative. The evidence proves the opposite.

In 2003, the Centers for Disease Control reported that inter-racial marriage with Aboriginals was responsible for 60% of all cases of HIV in America. A 2004 study on Gonorrhea revealed that 64% of all cases were the result of inter-racial marriage. When such a small percentage of the population is responsible for such a large percentage of STD’s a question should be asked about the safety of that behavior. An epidemiological study released in 1997 from data gathered over a five-year period in Vancouver, Canada, concluded that those who married Aboriginals lost up to 20 years of life expectancy. If someone truly cared about the Aboriginal, this data should be cause for concern.

Along with the medical risk is an unusually high occurrence of mental disorders and illness among Aboriginals. Research results in the October 2000 issue of the American Medical Association’s Archives of General Psychiatry reported that Aboriginal youths were 600% more likely to commit suicide than their white peers. The excuse is made that suicides and mental illness among Aboriginals is a result of bias or “racism” in America, but that myth has also been proven wrong. The Dutch are considered progressive in their sexuality and inter-racial marriage is legal in the Netherlands yet, statistical results there are consistent with the statistics in America.

We in America have taken great care for the well being of our fellow man. We require seat belts to be worn in order to save lives. Cigarette smoking is discouraged because of the increased risk of lung cancer . We even have limitations on vending machines in schools because of the danger of obesity . Yet, if someone dares raise a question about the obvious dangers associated with inter-racial sexual habits, that person is labeled a racist. It is more loving to speak the truth in love than to placate those practicing self-destructive behavior.

Inter-racial marriage is dangerous. Inter-racial marriage is sinful. Inter-racial marriage will destroy the very existence of the home in America. Never in the history of America is the traditional home facing the threat of extinction as it is today.

How stupid does that sound? How stupid is it to say “I don’t want my children learning about Indians in school, because knowledge of how Indians have been treated by colonial interests might damage them. They might get scared of Englishmen.” Or “Please don’t teach my children that women can be firefighters. It puts fancy ideas in their heads”. I mean, really. How many steps are we away from that?

So, yeah. December 10th, call in gay. And if you can’t call in gay for fear of being fired, then don’t be a consumer. Don’t buy anything; don’t pay your bills. Support equal rights

cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.


  1. How does that saying go? “When they came for the professors, I wasn’t a professor, so I did nothing. When they came for the artists, I wasn’t an artist so I did nothing. When they came for the gays, I wasn’t gay so I did nothing. When they came for me, there was no one left to do anything.” That’s an adaptation.Word V: renickin

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