And she’s got a little list…she’s got…a little….list

Thank you to Gilbert and Sullivan for the title. I’ve always been somewhat fond of G&S showtunes, which is another of the dirty little secrets I have. Just another one of those things that may someday prove that I am, in fact, a British gentleman of a certain age, most likely a member of the upper class or landed gentry, and that I have odd sexual proclivities that do not, necessarily, exclude feather dusters and peach pits.

In talking to my friend MR. God, I realised it’s been Quite Some Time since I talked about movies. I used to work in a movie rental store, and so I’m a little über-judgy about movies. I do have a couple of lists of movies, though. One is: Movies that are Awesome, and which I will Never Watch Again; another list is: Movie Which Must Be Watched Over and Over. There’s also the list: Movies that are Pure Shite. That’s for another post, I should think.

Without much explanation, here is a brief rundown of some of the movies which may fit into each of these two categories (not exhaustive, either the list or the categories):

Great Movies I’ll Never Watch Again Movies Which Must Be Watched Over and Over
Children of Men Men Who Stare at Goats
The Truman Show The Hangover
Where the Wild Things Are The Jerk
Paranormal Activity Citizen Kane
The Watchment Monsters, Inc.
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  1. I like this…some of mine would be:
    Great Movies/Can’t Watch
    – Schindler’s List
    – Lovely Bones

    Great Movies/Watch Over and Over
    – Role Models
    – Anchorman
    – Princess Bride

    …just to name a few.

    1. See, MISTER God said the same thing about Schindler’s List. That’s one I can’t say I ever felt “I’ll never watch this again” about.

  2. I’ll have to think of what mine might be, but in the meantime I must ask a question. What did you find rewatch-worthy in Men Who Stare at Goats? I had serious boredom issues throughout much of that movie and it was one of those movies where I felt that the trailer was deceptive.

    1. The writing was brilliant, and I’m actually quite enamoured with George Clooney and Jeff Bridges, so that helps. I can think of very few movies they’ve been in that I didn’t enjoy.

      Also, the fact that most of the movie was true, the pacing, some of the glib one-liners that were clearly meant to get past without notice (the one about the goat lying there with its mouth silently opening and closing just about had me in traction).

      And, the running gag of having everyone in the movie talking about being a Jedi with Ewan MacGregor was pretty awesome, too. The nerd in me loved that quite a lot.

      Number one, I’d say casting. Number two, pacing. Number three, the story itself. Number four, the writing. Number five, the one-liners. I thought the movie was awesome.

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